Thursday, May 20, 2010

2nd dose

i had an argument with my friends bf.. i was just joking and saying that drawing a batman on a wedding cake is gay.. and he got offended and he was like why do u think batman is gay (like seriously).. and i was thinking how could a tender age guy which i assumed already matured could threw such a question.. i mean cmon obviously i wasnt thinking when i said batman was gay n obviously it wasnt a serious convo were talkin.. i mean couldnt it be more ridiculous to argue on such topiccc... groww upp

ok i dont mean to be such a bitch but its just annoyed me.. so otw home i picked a really deep cooling song to restrain my annoyance ..

i feel like i am high even if i am sober

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

OMGG im writing my first entryy

I'm listening to my list of lost in thought songs..they sounds pretty dreamy..

one of my favourite is by telepopmusik titled breathe.

today im at my spiritless state spending unproductive day off

i hate my self for surfing the internet for extensive time...

still i discovered heaps cool blogs and videos which in my sense quite' aesthetically related to my architecture course :).. n the major event is "im writing my first entry" haha

well overall at least today is webproductive