Monday, June 28, 2010

shades of marble

soft and delicate devon aoki.. speaking of making a statement, that rick owens fur jacket totally kills

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

FIFA time

i just read my previous post again.. and i literally "lol" over that post..i should say i was pretty upset that day but ppfftt.. i should have not taken it into that level of madness .. anywayy last night was a pretty shocking game for brazil and north korea.. i expected brazil to score 3 times at least.. but it was kinda pretty tough defence by north korea.. , one of the korean player was crying during the first line up.. i guess he was overwhelmed by the amount of audience and the fact that they make it to fifa.. i wonder why people hate north korea so much.. i think they were just brainwashed and fooled by kim jong il and having to know the fact that kim jong il always air fakes memorandum and foreign scenes, the citizens have become more and more stupid over time.. so i guess fifa is a good tool to get them to taste the 'real' world.

by the way yesterday was my last paper.. and im done with exams now (fiuhh), i just have a design portfolio to go.. at least i can catch a breath for while.. and start layouting tmr..

i found few cool videos in youtube youtube.. and i am officially in love with temper trap now.. below one of the best music video this

Thursday, June 3, 2010

i cant believed how drastic a person can change seriously.. i have a friend whom i considered one of my best friend.. and then this girl sort of took off overseas to study.. i guess she started hanging out with these crowd whom she thought are cool because they re into fashion art and shits and that they do cokes they party 247, and now she sort of drawing like a social distance from me cus she thought i am not cool enough to be her friends what makes me sad was the fact that she threw a really unfriendly and insulting words at me when were posting on fb i wasnt sure if i should take it as a joke or what cus it literally hurts my feeling.. tho i was defending my self for a while i could not continue having arguments with her since i still considered her as a friend , i am just confused and i do not know what to do atm and i dont wana be oversensitive on this kinda matter too.. i wish someone is here next to me.. i feel like crying

Thursday, May 20, 2010

2nd dose

i had an argument with my friends bf.. i was just joking and saying that drawing a batman on a wedding cake is gay.. and he got offended and he was like why do u think batman is gay (like seriously).. and i was thinking how could a tender age guy which i assumed already matured could threw such a question.. i mean cmon obviously i wasnt thinking when i said batman was gay n obviously it wasnt a serious convo were talkin.. i mean couldnt it be more ridiculous to argue on such topiccc... groww upp

ok i dont mean to be such a bitch but its just annoyed me.. so otw home i picked a really deep cooling song to restrain my annoyance ..

i feel like i am high even if i am sober

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

OMGG im writing my first entryy

I'm listening to my list of lost in thought songs..they sounds pretty dreamy..

one of my favourite is by telepopmusik titled breathe.

today im at my spiritless state spending unproductive day off

i hate my self for surfing the internet for extensive time...

still i discovered heaps cool blogs and videos which in my sense quite' aesthetically related to my architecture course :).. n the major event is "im writing my first entry" haha

well overall at least today is webproductive