Thursday, June 3, 2010

i cant believed how drastic a person can change seriously.. i have a friend whom i considered one of my best friend.. and then this girl sort of took off overseas to study.. i guess she started hanging out with these crowd whom she thought are cool because they re into fashion art and shits and that they do cokes they party 247, and now she sort of drawing like a social distance from me cus she thought i am not cool enough to be her friends what makes me sad was the fact that she threw a really unfriendly and insulting words at me when were posting on fb i wasnt sure if i should take it as a joke or what cus it literally hurts my feeling.. tho i was defending my self for a while i could not continue having arguments with her since i still considered her as a friend , i am just confused and i do not know what to do atm and i dont wana be oversensitive on this kinda matter too.. i wish someone is here next to me.. i feel like crying

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