Tuesday, June 15, 2010

FIFA time

i just read my previous post again.. and i literally "lol" over that post..i should say i was pretty upset that day but ppfftt.. i should have not taken it into that level of madness .. anywayy last night was a pretty shocking game for brazil and north korea.. i expected brazil to score 3 times at least.. but it was kinda pretty tough defence by north korea.. , one of the korean player was crying during the first line up.. i guess he was overwhelmed by the amount of audience and the fact that they make it to fifa.. i wonder why people hate north korea so much.. i think they were just brainwashed and fooled by kim jong il and having to know the fact that kim jong il always air fakes memorandum and foreign scenes, the citizens have become more and more stupid over time.. so i guess fifa is a good tool to get them to taste the 'real' world.

by the way yesterday was my last paper.. and im done with exams now (fiuhh), i just have a design portfolio to go.. at least i can catch a breath for while.. and start layouting tmr..

i found few cool videos in youtube youtube.. and i am officially in love with temper trap now.. below one of the best music video this

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